Self Referral Form

If you need immediate support please call your GP or go to your local Accident & Emergency department.
Please provide as much information as possible so we can process your referral efficiently. If you are unsure if our service is the right service for you or if you have any problems completing this online form, you can call us to discuss this.

Your Details

You can only refer yourself to us if you are over 18
By providing us with this information we will assume that you consent to be contacted in this way.

GP Details

We ask for your GP details so we can contact them about your care if needed. Where possible we will discuss this with you first. We only see people with a GP in Kingston.


During the pandemic we are providing additional support for people experiencing distress or anxiety relating to COVID-19. We are also offering priority support to front-line staff and key workers.

Further Information

We ask these questions to ensure that our service is being accessed by everyone and to ensure any specific requirements are met.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. We hope to be in touch with you within two working days. We may contact you by email - emails can sometimes go into junk folders so please check this.
Please be aware that if you report that you (or others) are at risk of harm or self-harm, or if you indicate that you may commit a crime, it is likely that we would have to inform other services for your own welfare and the welfare of others. We would always try to contact you first before making this decision.