IAPT Talking Therapies Northants Self Referral Form

Personal Details

All patient registration information and clinical contact details will be stored on IAPTUS, IAPT's medical record system which is separate from your general medical records. If you wish to access the service then consent will need to be given for your data to be stored for clinical use within our service.
All information sent to the DoH is coded and completely confidential and is aimed at ensuring quality of care from the service is being monitored externally. This means a randomly assigned number and your questionnaires measures are sent anonymously to the Department of Health without any information with which to identify the person involved.

Further Details

If you would prefer to find out more about the service, or other options for support within Northamptonshire and pick up some new techniques to start your therapy immediately then you may want to access the welcome webinar as they run weekly.
There are also a number of single workshops to access support and strategies without the need for an initial assessment for ease of access.
If you do not indicate any of the above, you will be contacted by the service.