Mind in West Essex Counselling Service

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Confidentiality & Data Protection

Mind in West Essex is committed to maintaining client confidentiality. All information about you is held securely and not shared with anyone outside our organisation without your permission, or unless exceptional circumstances occur. If you wish to see the records we hold about you this can be arranged by request to the Chief Executive Officer of Mind in West Essex. If we believe there is a risk of harm to you or someone else we will inform the appropriate person (such as your GP or other health professional), but we would always endeavour to discuss this with you in advance.
Your data is held electronically on a secure database and will be retained with any associated paperwork for a period of 7 years.


I declare that the information provided by me is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
If I choose to go ahead and receive counselling through this service, I hereby authorise Mind in West Essex to store personal information related to me and the service I receive.

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